Evergreen Circle SERVICE

Evergreen Circle works with the elderly in entertaining them for the hour that we are there for. Students are good.

Previous to this I had never had any service experience where we got to work with the people directly. My expectations were pretty generally positive thinking because I don’t think I had any specific expectations towards the service. Going in I was already comfortable because I was with people I knew and planning activities for people I didn’t. Being new this year, I appreciated knowing and getting closer to the people enrolled in this service as well. As we were planning, I realized to the extent that I needed and wanted the activity to work for those participating that I, unfortunately, didn’t do the greatest job on it as all the other ideas I had were too complicated and required too much equipment to either purchase or collected. This was the first time out of two for which I had to plan an activity and contrarily, for the second time, I was over prepared. Perhaps that was better as I ended up with some excess material I could use for other things or give back to those who needed it for planning a session.

This service confirmed that I could be prepared and productive if and when I wanted to. Otherwise, I think it showed the two extremes of which I could perform as well as a development of from one experience to another in terms of growth and improvement. In participating in carrying out other people’s planned sessions, I learnt of how far I could help someone as well as carry out a conversation minorly blocked by the language barrier we had as many could not speak English and I could not communicate in any other means but demonstration.

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