Nap Your Head Around Something

Students: Tell us about your sleep habits. Do you, or would you like to be able to, take regular naps? How might your school support napping, given its effects on learning? Have you ever noticed that your ability to learn or memorize information improves after sleep?

I sleep irregularly, and it’s not intentional. Sometimes I sink into my bed and just continue sleeping until I subconsciously remember that I have work to do, or when my mom wakes me up. Other times I’m just on my floor, as you do, and unintentionally doze off. So yes, I take naps, probably on average once in two weeks, but it can range from none to once every day of the week, not counting Saturday and Sunday. I if I get home from school early and feel like I need it, or if I know that I will procrastinate so I might as well be somewhat productive in that procrastination. It does affect my work done as I can stay awake for longer and so I sleep in increments. However, this school, like many others, does not have any area that is designated for you to nap. I think that it could be beneficial if people are more rested to then absorb more information.


Do you get enough sleep in general?


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