Oh, Maths.

My name is Clarice and I have just completed IGCSE Mathematics in this past year. I always associate curiosity and confusion with maths. As a restless kid, my dad would teach me some maths in the middle of the night, or at 9 pm which I thought was late being 6. It always intrigued me but I now find myself being confused every so often because I don’t understand enough. I’m excited that I got to chose this course as I like the proof part of maths, the how, the why. I think I like to work things out myself when I understand a concept but have someone explain it to me when it is new territory. When I am stuck I tend to concentrate too hard on the problem so I let it sit for a while and get back to it. In maths, I think my biggest skill is inquiring, not only for things I don’t understand but also about associating concepts. My biggest area of focus in the short term would be to be more organised and in the long term would be to be more self-disciplined. 

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