East Volleyball Club – Initial

Volleyball has always been a sport I enjoy. I would not consider myself an athlete or particularly good at sports, but I still find the joy in sportsmanship and encouraging healthy lifestyles. I had not been chosen to play in the official school team, though my coach (I had done club in the years before) had said she pushed for me to be in it. This grew a disappointment in me, further than having received the email that stated I was not chosen. However, it did not hinder my willingness to grow in the next season. (Addresses LO2)

Dance Showcase Media – Interim

I challenged myself to make a poster that did not include altered images as I was comfortable with (halftone, colour distort), rather to create something more vector-based and scalable so that it may be blown up for the banner and reduced for the ticket. This made me understand the progress I could make in discovering new art styles and that I had the creativity in me to be able to achieve what I want to if I put the due time into the project. (Addresses LO2)

Dance Showcase Media – Initial

This is a role that I have taken many times before and felt the need to continue taking it up just as consistency and being able to compile and see my development. I knew that I was able to create banners, posters, tickets, and other promotional material and was strong in that area. This built my confidence in my abilities. However, I recognized that, just because I knew what I could do, it does not mean that I couldn’t do more. I wanted to make it the best that I could and top what I had done in the past. (Addresses LO1)

Grade 11 Student Voice – Later in the Year

I am also in the prom committee (not school affiliated) and many people had questions about that. I was able to answer as many to the best of my ability and help them understand to their capacity. This allowed me to know what it was like from the perspective of the school or Head of Grade who, normally, we bombard questions to. It was difficult to answer calmly as many had been repeated but I understood that this may be what needs to be more clearly communicated. Many of us have repeatedly gone through meetings together and so the level of respect was established enough as we were committed to what we committed to taking up this role. (Addresses LO2, LO5)

Grade 11 Student Voice – 1st + 2nd Meeting

We have established our groups and understand the task that we have taken upon. Our group seems to want to get involved and help. When we regrouped, I noticed that many people had notes, so did I, about any complaints or concerns students had. This engaged the conversations further and we really got productive in getting them answered or understood. (Addresses LO4)

G11 Student Voice – Initial Reflection

I have done student voice in the past, for the first two years of high school so I know what to expect. The way it goes is fairly simple and we hold a responsibility to be the voice of our grade and represent the student body. I think that this is a great step towards solving the challenge of lack of student opinion in our day to day which is now shown in how we need to work together to make our school greater as well as understand the importance of representation in organizations. (Addresses LO6)