LAYER TWO: Why I Speak As I Do and How Does my Language Define Me?

Generally speaking, the physicalities of my speech in real life is very vibrant and lively, a nicer way of saying loud and obnoxious. I use overtly aggressive hand gestures. The content of which I speak, however, can be misleading because of my loud mask. Underneath I’m pretty shy and reserved. Am I telling tales? I don’t know. Easy enough for me to say, but explaining is a bit harder. See the thing is, I’ve kept this, say, mask, on for two long it melted into me.

Abstract stuff. Surely I could do a better job of explaining; the thing is, I’m not explaining, because I don’t want to. I’m describing. It’s the seed planted for a growing imagination, branching out to what you make it be. In any case I’m not going to be straightforward, I’ll be blurry like the ideas.

Back to the facts, I’ve hopped around the world my entire life. I’ve been to many cultures, and I mean cultures not countries. Countries aren’t alive, cultures are. They define a place. I’ve gathered the many cultures and made it into my own recipe. Wow, I’m filled with metaphors.

My language, as actual universal languages (a.k.a. English, French, and Indonesian) only affects me when I’m there speaking it. But my idiolect defines me as a person.