Deborah Emmanuel and Being the Hippie Who Accidentally Swore

I absolutely loved her. Many people think that she was maybe too much or that her way of expression, whether it be right away or after some thinking, was not in their lane. As a part of the audience, I believed that Deborah Emmanuel was amazing in the way she could express herself and in the way she told her story. I know I don’t count as much but to me, that seemed like the bravest thing that anyone could do, especially with a story so personal. She turned to her strengths in the times that she was weakest and in so made them stronger, herself stronger. Being someone who aspires to express themselves in a sense that makes sense and in a way that is genuine to everyone affected, I reached out to her. I really think that it speaks to the person I feel that she is as I spoke to her for two seconds and choked on tears. EMOTIONS! woah.

Robyne Hayes and Her Trade of Photography That You Can’t Exchange

In Robyne Hayes’ presentation, I feel as if she impacted my view of storytelling the most as she showed us how perspectives matter. Of course, I knew this before but her version of perspectives seem entirely different. Her story consisted of her helping the less fortunate, specifically girls stuck in a marriage having such little voice, and the perspectives in which her team and herself had in starting out the project differed throughout. Robyne Hayes had told us about how she gave those girls, and in some cases guys, cameras to tell their story. This was pretty symbolic to me because she, maybe unwittingly, gave the girls whose voices were never important enough to be heard, a means to write a story without words.