Grade 11 Project Week Planning Reflection

The first reflection we made was before we learnt that it was not going to happen and we were only reflecting on the risk assessment and out entire planning of the trip.


We are aiming to get our dive certificates, half of us are getting the Open Water Dive (OWD) certificate and the rest are getting the Advanced Open Water Dive (AOWD) certificate as they have had previous experience.

We will be doing our dive certificate requirements for the first 3 days. On the 3rd day, we will use our dive skills to help on the Saving Nemo Snorkel Trail, helping college research initiatives to conserve the area by tracking the marine populations focusing on clownfish. After that, on the same day, we will get to know the island by kayak. The 4th day entails a beach cleanup and both groups coming together for a dive with a trash sort in the evening. The final day is only snorkelling near the island before returning to Singapore.

We will be going from the docks to an island by speed boat. After that, the activities will be on Rawa and its surrounding islands. For diving, the max depth for OWD is 18 meters and AOWD 30 meters. 

SMART Goals:

  • By the end of the week, to build collaborative skills and conflict resolution management by coming together to plan specific aspects of our diving trips while keeping in mind everyone’s needs and wants
  • To understand the importance of safety and how it is the utmost priority during the week, and how safety levels should be measured before each activity is done 
  • Develop mechanisms to deal with being outside one’s comfort zones and adjusting to unfamiliar situations (such as issues that may occur when we dive e.g. equalization or clearing the mask)
  • To achieve our certifications and thoroughly understand the process in which one is certified to become a diver 
  • Understand the importance of preserving marine ecosystems as well as the consequences of human made waste materials that are irresponsibly confiscated of 

Physical preparation:

We will do an open water pool dive in Singapore before we go to the venue at Queenstown pool with Orca Nation. On top of the scheduled pool dive, we will meet to do some laps in the pool in order to be more comfortable with long periods in the water as well as our skills.

We will also try and create an exercise schedule for each week that focuses on cardio and endurance, since these are two very important components to diving. A lot of us are also doing physical activity for CAS, so we will look to maintain the physical activities that we are doing over the course of time preceding Project Week. 

We will monitor this by regularly updating our CAS pages with the activities we are already doing, regarding our progress and so that it is evidence that we are staying physical in this time. We will also stay in frequent contact with each other, making sure that we are meeting the goals that we are setting ourselves. 

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Grade 11 Yoga Therapy with Tampines MINDS – Reflection 2

There were many complications during this time. We had some people fall sick, I myself could not attend at some points, which proved difficult as the yoga routine we made to connect with the clients were on a 1 to 1 basis. This meant that some did not have a personalized helper and person to guide at all times as was expected. We had to overcome that as a group and take upon more responsibilities at times, but overall there were not too many difficulties at the time. However, it was difficult as the pandemic affected our ability to connect with them weekly and made our progress and our goals have to deter. (Addresses LO7)

Grade 11 Yoga Therapy with Tampines MINDS – Reflection 1

Working with people/clients has always been a joy to me. I love helping and creating a relationship with someone on the basis of creativity and development. The group had to devise a plan to know how to correctly and professionally work with people with mental challenges who had trouble communicating. There needed to be personal boundaries as the organization trained for vocational skills and the people needed to understand the work and casual boundaries. Together we learned the basic routine that we would go through every time to establish routine. (Addresses LO5)

East Volleyball Club – Libero – Reflection 2

I think that I enjoyed being with people that are outside of the group I am with on the day to day basis. The challenge was to kindle a sense of team spirit as not all of us were familiar with each other. We had just had a game in a friendly tournament between school clubs. The year before we only had 7 players where there always had to be 6 players on the court. Then, we had made it to 4th place out of 8. This year, we did not make it into the second round and placed 7th. We had many more players this year, but that did not prove to be the sole factor. Perhaps the other teams had improved, perhaps the difference in levels made for a strange dynamic. All I know is that the relationship the club has this year, though it is strong, is not as strong as what we had last year. (Addresses LO2)


East Volleyball Club – Libero – Reflection 1

Volleyball has always been a sport I enjoy. I would not consider myself an athlete or particularly good at sports, but I still find the joy in sportsmanship and encouraging healthy lifestyles. I had not been chosen to play in the official school team, though my coach (I had done club in the years before) had said she pushed for me to be in it. This grew a disappointment in me, further than having received the email that stated I was not chosen. However, it did not hinder my willingness to grow in the next season. (Addresses LO2)

Grade 11 Dance Showcase Experiences – Performer: Singin’ in the Rain – Reflection 2

There were difficulties in trying to get the counts down and the moves to be similar to each other to keep within the theme and style of the dance. I found myself stumbling or spacing out or seriously just forgetting what it is I needed to do. Practice really did make perfect. I separated the dance into chunks and helped myself repeat it and learn it and memorize it until it was muscle memory. I still have things to perfect but I think that I understand the premise of the dance and my place of progress. (Addresses LO2)