Learning Outcomes Service

I would say that I am good with people, especially those that I do not know yet. I am able to meet people and develop a relationship or at least a kinship with them through listening and relaying back. The unforeseen difficulty here as I came to realize is that traditional communication is a challenge to overcome. However, I do understand that that should not limit the amount that I can connect with our clients. I have never worked with any organization in Tampines MINDS or any other MINDS organisation and so far I realized that our organization will be more to understand as we push through. So far we have seen the clients where they go on their day to day. We have not formally met them but the atmosphere was interesting and I look forward to forming connections.

I understand the importance of punctuality and how others rely on us so we must be on our best. I think this is how it is most shown. I like that I can see who I am helping and the people’s smiles.


tampines minds yoga cas reflection 1

For know what we have done is our research and basic due diligence on adding to our prior knowledge prior to actually working with our partners. The work in which we all collaborated on includes what Tampines MINDS is all about and their own work and programs, as well as knowing more about those we are helping and in which ways we can help them. The group is very self-conscious in the aspect that we want to make the experience the best we can for our partners and put them first. It will be long until we actually meet them but the point stands that we still need to know much about how they function and how we can prioritise their needs without isolating them. Each is different and we will learn as we go to build a relationship as yoga therapy is quite intimate in its nature.