Self- Management

I need to be more responsible with self- management since mainly I will start doing my work right before the decline. However, I never being late to hangout my homework, so that I am confident with homework being ontime. The responsibility of a person is important that what you used to could affect how you engage or social with other after you graduate. I would try to separate my work into different time which is not squeezing and forcing me-self working on everything right before the decline.  



I had been encouraging my room-mate(Gloria) while she met some difficulty of DP work. ‘’You can do it!’’ I said. Even though it was only a sentence, but by encourage someone can impact her directly to finish work with more essential emotion and reaction.



Few weeks ago, I am collaborating with Doris for a video. We seperate the work perfectly– I draft what we are going to film and she is drawing the image for filming preparation. Moreover, we finish the work on time, and we deal with the time really well.