How do we make UWCSEA more inclusive and more diverse?

UWCSEA is indeed a inclusive community but there is still yet to cover. Using PESTEL analysis to find the external factors are the things that affect us which in Singapore it is the law. Singapore law; states that same sex sexual activity is illegal and same sex marriage is not a present thing, this affects many things such as the benefits of your job, and the things you can do.

UWCSEA in this instance is inclusive, but as mentioned before, we can still cover more. A study by FORBES stated that to be m0re inclusive by creating focus groups and donate towards them to run charities and many other things. I agree with this but to a certain extent only because I believe that to create a more inclusive community we need to make it more like a norm, and that people should treat everyone equally.


Opening gates for ex-convicts in society


Society puts labels on everyone and we all do it sometimes in our life, though we cannot admit it. Once criminals are released from their rehabilitation processes they enter back into mainstream society and hope to secure a job, but this is not the circumstance for some people. The saying “Once a criminal always a criminal” is a common misconception which Christian Perrin, a criminal psychologist who works in the University of Liverpool in Singapore, brought out, “ Though we do not individually put labels but society itself does, with the impact of social media”.

Everyone has a fascination for crime in one way or another but the media does especially, as it is a well known place for many of the things people want to find out about. The media portrays criminals by their wrong doing only, and focus just on the things they have “horrendously” done. It puts ex-inmates in 360 degree covered label allowing them not to be able to enter into mainstream society once they leave.

In my opinion, I think that all offenders should have a second chance at re-entering society and being able to do the normal things that we all humans do. The crimes they commit in the first place may be a mistake, but doing that once more and going through the process is mental and physical torture. This means that society does not accept them to fix their wrong doing and ignores the only chance they get to relive.

I think that the main influencer of this topic is the media , tv and movies, they show them as scary and unforgiving people who cannot achieve more than crime. The media shines a rain cloud over everyone who has committed a crime and eventually leading to the population being affected. Recidivism which means if the criminals re-offend is at 30%  this shows that 104.7 million people which is the total amount of people being incarcerated in the first place ( Study by World Prison Brief) and which 31 million are re-entering those prisons. This to me shows the majority is leaving and returning to mainstream society.

I believe with Christian Perrin that prisoners deserve a second chance and that we should implement in the world a similar strategy to they way schools do by erasing school records and allowing them to have a second chance. This allows them to improve quality of life and potentially having a education after the years spent in prison. Quality of life globally would improve and would affect the countries GDP. We should be un-labelling these people and allowing them to forget their past and let them attempt what they have left of their lives to the fullest. The more we surround ourselves with social media the more easily malleable our minds get which allows us to be feed the fact that “Once a criminal always a criminal”.

A study by the Straits Times concluded that 30% of inmates in Singapore only have education levels of primary school or even less. SCORE; Singapore Corporation of Rehabilitative Enterprises has been helping ex-inmates secure a job and let alone a good job once they leave prison. They help build upon existing careers and organise courses to further extend the knowledge of the ex-inmates. I believe in this process because discrimination does not exist and the help is there 24/7 and it is up to the ex-inmate to change their life around or not.


Writers Fortnight Session 2

From tragedy to dreams.

This story was about 54 nepalese kids who applied to University of Texas, in Tyler were given full scholarship. Then suddenly they realised they had brought in two many kids, all the kids were denied after they were accepted. The reason this story was very moving was that they had told their families and had parties celebrating their kids entrance. The story really motivated me as it showed the things that people can achieve. The kids will all given different universities among the US. The power of all kids and the things they could achieve. The kids had also turned down full scholarships from the best universities in Nepal.

Writers Fortnight Session 1

Criminal Psychologist:

During the talk with the criminal physcologist, the things that struck me were the elements that moved him. He gave us one experience where he was deceived, this really moved me as he had found flaws that he had and it really made him step up and try harder. The connections that I could make is the future careers I would like to take. The different angles that he looked at was in the perspective of the victim, these different techniques that he used could be implemented in my life.

The psychologist’s main approach was to ask questions about his daily life and basic knowledge (name, age), then ask questions that made him nervous and lie. All this time the psychologist was reviewing his actions and knows the things he says commonly when he lies ( he knows all the truths the whole time)

Mentor Talk:

My mentor talk, we discussed the goals that I will progress through the year. My goals were to read more books and take notes for DT, Enterprise, Science. I will take notes for each subject both during and after the lesson happens.  This will help me remember things and avoid making notes later on while studying. I will have them in my  DT notes

Laws in Singapore

Tuesday Morning we talked about the laws in Singapore regarding age of consent and why 18 is the generic age for many laws. These questions were generated as a class last week. The first question we had was “ Why is 18 the age for most laws?”, we had many different opinions regarding this. The conversation began with the discussion of the age being 18 because that is the legal age that you are counted as an adult. In our opinion this the age where you finish adolescence and school, so that would be the likely age that you can live on your own and make your own decisions. After debating, many people gave the opinion that different cultures and countries have different legal ages. We thought this was because of their history and religion, for example, in countries in the middle east, the legal would be higher for some things because they are more conservative and religious, but in European countries, it would be lower.


Another question we had was  “Why is 16 the age for consent and not 18”, again we had different opinions also related to cultures in different countries. But we think 16 is the age for consent because you are mature, can handle tough situations and can make confident decisions on your own. We also wondered why there is a law for consent at all. Some people thought that it would help prevent teenage pregnancies and we also came to the conclusion that people would not be able to take advantage of younger and more vulnerable children, who are easily manipulated and cannot understand some situations.


Written by Milla and Yalkin


Activities as a grade

As a grade on our first week of school, we had a activity session to bond with our class and for the same goal. We all had to work collaboratively and discuss our ideas without causing chaos.  The first activity was decoding word photos to find the word, in this game we had designated writer and the people around had to decode the messages, this worked well as there no fighting over the pencil and who wrote and who didn’t what we could have done better is separated the ones that we did

Corner kick in Football- The science behind it- Is it impossible?

The corner kick in football is awarded when the whole ball passes the goal line. The Olympic kick is when the ball from either corner of the field travels in the air and enters the goal. In order to achieve this, you need to take the Magnus effect and the position of people on the field, these two combined, it seems like an impossible goal to shoot.

Magnus effect- The force exerted on a rapidly spinning cylinder or sphere moving through air or another fluid in a direction at an angle to the axis of spin. This force is responsible for the swerving of balls when hit or thrown with spin.

This is why it is underrated, this relates to how we see small things with little potential and then how it can turn everything around.


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