Is Three Gorges Dam in China worth it?

Yes, it obviously is worth it.

  • Everyone can see the development of China in every aspect nowadays, and apparently, three gorges dam provided so much advantage to China. The dam made the water flow slower than before and the water level deeper than before, it enables larger ships to pass through Yangtze River so that lots of cargos can be pass to the western part of China.
  • This dam provides electricity to 1/3 of Chinese households which reduce the use of fossil fuels and make the air quality better.
  • It reduces the yearly flood of the Yangtze River, the flood created by the Yangtze River can easily cost 100 million yuan direct cost to the country and people.


Is Japanese anime inappropriate for teenagers?

Image result for 七海千秋In some students’ mind, Japanese anime started to become something that only related to sexual things that are not necessary for us to watch. However, actually only some of the Japanese anime is related to this type of content, maybe they may contain some flashes in those content, but mostly, they are pure TV episode. As an anime lover, I like almost all sorts of anime. Anime’s plot can be so different to normal TV episode or normal cartoon. Because animes don’t need to think of the problems of actor’s special effects, the only thing they need to worry is if they can draw it out. And anime is for old kids and teenagers and some adults, so they don’t have to worry about the content and topics. I think students can have a better opinion on Japanese animation rather than the opinions most students have now.

Should we let AI to immortalise actors? Why or why not?

Good actors are really hard to find that we even cannot see one in our entire life. And good actors can only create a few masterpieces, it makes some people think that we should use AI to immortalize actors to let them produce more and more masterpieces. However, I think we shouldn’t do that.

AI is not stable for now. Facebook got there AI shut down after turning it on for 10 minutes because they are creating their own language system. If we can have AIs that can immortalize actors, they must be hard to control.

Furthermore, in the technology we have now, AIs are not intelligent enough to be an actor, their motions and

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