• Pre CAS reflection

    What aspects of CAS are you looking forward to? I’m doing the same activities as usual this year. It’s the same things that I’ve always done. Circus, Equality Focus Group, and Touch Rugby. The only new thing I’m doing is HS Engineering for girls and that’s not even for CAS. I’m looking forward to going […]

  • Academic
  • IB English: Chosen article: Millennials guide to kissing

    https://www.nytimes.com/2015/08/09/fashion/a-millennials-guide-to-kissing.html What is revealed about the writer? Emma Court is the author and is a millennial college student at the time of this article She cares about what others think of her- thinking of the orthodox woman She likes romantic things even if they are cliche When texting him “she didn’t like how far away […]