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  • Poems

    I liked the poem playroom. I think that this poem has underlying themes about colonialism if its analysed fully. The line “no one skin colored like theirs, freaks like me. Lucky the barbies needed their bodies” This line shows she identifies with the beanie babies and sees herself as them in this roleplay she is […]

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  • HL essay feedback notes

    put question at the top use it to guide the text include course concepts creative, identity structure the essay introduce text, themes, context clear line of inquiry cohesive thread be selective with what you include dont analysis whole text foreground the writer say their name! dont waste time retelling the story assume they know it […]

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  • Bullying online

    The price of the things people do online, such as bullying and verbal abuse, is worth the freedom of expression. I think this bullying and verbal abuse is more of a problem for the older generation as Gen Z has learned how to brush it off and block it and not take what they say […]

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  • Doll House Ibsen Quote

    To what extent are Ibsens words still true today? provide real life examples in your response In Ibsen’s quote, in the exert “judicial system judges feminine conduct from a masculine point of view,” I believe it still lives on in the modern day. An example of this is rape culture, rape culture is the law […]

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  • Narcissus & Echo

    the presentation by lauren weaver The story of ‘Narcissus and Echo’ has been retold as many books were made of it. Art pieces were made of showing the story visually. Narcissuses name is used to name a disorder that has elements that allude to the story in it. The word narcissism originates from the story […]

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  • NYAA essay and question

    Negative impacts on environment of Sibu due to outsiders and foreigners and how locals are trying to combat the negative effects?   In order to find out about Sibu I interviewed my expedition guide’s Dan and the others to find out about the negative impacts of outside sources on Sibu as well as how the […]