TOK End of Year Reflection

TOK this year has made me question the core idea of what being knowledgeable means. Before TOK, this question seemed obvious, even trivial to me. Of course, being knowledgeable on a topic means that I know a lot about it. However, what TOK has taught me this year is that what we understand as knowledge […]

Origami Club: LO2

Having decided to pursue Origami further, I was delighted to have participated in the first few sessions of the activity so far. It’s super intriguing to me that just a piece of paper can be made into amazing 3D shapes and objects that are limited only by the size of the paper and the imagination […]

Pottery/Origami Club: LO3

I’ve just started to participate in something completely new to me, which is pottery. The only experience I’ve ever had with making pottery was in Middle School, where I made a Japanese style pot. As a result of this experience, I joined the Pottery Club, as I wanted a way to give the experience another […]

Tennis: LO1

Tennis is a sport of constant improvement. I mean obviously, just like any other sport, if you don’t improve, there really isn’t a purpose to it, and you may as well quit. That’s the way I see it, at least. As a result, I’ve had many different things in mind since the start of this […]