LO1 – HS DJ Club Reflection 1

HS DJ club is a lunch activity that allows me to practice my DJ skills.

I have demonstrated Learning Outcome 1 by attending DJ club. Before joining the DJ club, I have almost zero experience with live music mixing, but after I attended the first session, I found DJ is just for me. I discovered that I love the concept of mixing different music through a creative way, this also helps me with my creative thinking. I have improved a lot in finding the right beat to mix in the music. Lots of the musics are in a 4/4 beat, therefore I have to find the first beat in every 4 and mix the two music in, this was a hardest step for me, because when you listen to the playing track, the first beat is hard to find and sometimes it gets even more complicated. I discovered my skill set of finding the right beat had been improved a lot.

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  1. Adam Steele says: Reply

    Great reflection, you summarised superbly the process of DJing for beginners – I am really looking forward to seeing how you progress.

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