LO3 – Dance and Zumba with Hougang Care Centre Reflection 1

Dance and Zumba with Hougang Care Centre is an service that involves dancing with the members from the Hougang Care Centre, it’s the care centre that helps a special group of people who is experiencing an unstable mind status. This service involves the collaboration between students to plan fun and energetic sessions for the members from Hougang Care Centre with Zumba Dancing, that helps them to relax and have a positive mind of the world.

I have demonstrated learning outcome 3 Initiative through attending this service. Throughout the service, we planned dance sessions for the members from Hougang Care centre, which involves initiative. I have planned a dance session that involves some gentle Zumba dancing, one energetic song, some other dances and jenga for the activity during break with two other team members. While planning the activity, the most difficult part is take the consideration of the physical condition of the members, they sometimes couldn’t follow complexed movements, which is a challenge for us. We have came out the idea of finding a slow-paced Zumba tutorial and one energetic dance from the just dance series, that tackles the problem of the sessions seems be boring with only one slow Zumba dance.

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