LO2 – Karate Reflection 1

For this year, I decided to start learning Karate, which is a traditional Japanese martial art that focuses on the body movements to and self-defense. I joined the external training sessions at Tuesdays from 7:30 to 9:30 pm, located in Dover Community Centre, coached by one famous Karate coach.

I have demonstrated Learning Outcome 2 (Challenging) through learning Karate. It’s not easy to start learning a martial art at my age, because the body has already been shaped therefore it’s relatively harder to improve the flexibility. I found in Karate the most difficult part is the combination of basic movements, these movements combines punch, kick, and hide, which is even harder than some dance movements. Karate also requires an instinct reaction of the attack and make the responding movements as fast as we could. This makes it even harder to learning this martial art. I am currently focusing on the body stretching because this is the fundamental basic. The more flexible I am, the better I will be able to complete the movements.

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