Extended Essay Initial Reflection 1

After having the discussion with my EE supervisor, I found that I definitely need to have a thorough research on the cultural background of both films I’m choosing, In The Mood Of Love and My Blueberry Nights, because the culture represented in those two films are significantly different, and although Wong’s In The Mood Of Love have received tremendously positive feedbacks, critics commented that My Blueberry Nights didn’t represent the culture of New York accurately. The film also didn’t make economical successes. We decided to look at the consistency of his style (the mis-moment) hypothesising although the fact that both films explore the same theme of mis-moment,  and why my blueberry nights didn’t succeed, this could have because of his lack of connection to the society, which is another aspect to research on. The potential research question and title of my EE is: To what extent does Wong Kai Wai’s consistency of mis-moment embodies his unique understanding of culture?

(Word count: 158)


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