LO2 – Art Council Reflection 4

The planning of the Arts Showcase within the sessions of the Arts Council is also challenging. The most challenging part of the planning stage is to communicate effectively. We have divided into different teams which in charge of various aspects of the planning, for example, we have divided into teams of: poster making, coordination with the visual art department, coordination with film department, etc. This diversion of groups make the centralization of information we’ve gathered extremely hard, one example of the miscommunication that had happened during the planning stage is that the communication between the coordination teams and the poster making the team aren’t effective, which results in the sign making the team putting the un-updated venue of the exhibition into the poster, and we have to update every poster after realizing. For tacking this type of miscommunication, we came up with the idea of setting up a google doc, which resolved lots of conflicts. This exercised my skills in the Learning Outcome 2 – Challenging.

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