Film Extended Essay Day Reflection

    • one thing I’ve learned
      • I found one meaningful resource (printed, The Cinema of Wong Kar Wai) which draws a significant connection between the two movies I chose. In one section the book showed one interview of Wong, which he personally explains the connection between the story of In The Mood For Love and My Blueberry Nights: the story of My Blueberry Nights is originally a portion of In The Mood Of Love, and due to the time constraint it finally developed into two films in two different settings.
    •  what I’m proud of
      • I pulled some research and gathered meaningful resources which helps me to understand the films better, as well as drawing more connection between those two films
    • what I’ll be doing next
      • I would start doing the outline of my paper, and also read the books for collecting more knowledge on those two films, as well as the cultural background.


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