Project Week Group 13 Reflection 1 – Investigation – LO6

After forming our groups, we started investigating potential destinations and activities straight away. We first considered Japan as a possible destination. We found an organization of animal rescuing willing to work with us, and proposed this draft plan to the school. We then realised that going to Japan will be rather expensive in the transportations, and therefore our budget would be really tight.

We then investigated in destinations and activities which would best stretch our potentials, while remaining a short travel time. We found that the Jockey Club Sarah Roe School, the only English-speaking special school in Hong Kong would take us for volunteering for one week. We were amazed by this opportunity, as our group members are all having an interest in communication-orientated organization, and this would be the perfect place for us to learn.

This investigation process developed my skills of the learning outcome 6 – demonstrate engagement with issues of global significance, by identifying the growing issue of less caring of students with special needs, and planning the trip accordingly.

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