• Dance and Zumba with Hougang Care Centre
  • Final Reflection For Local Service Dance And Zumba With Hougang Care Centre

    The experience I’ve had in this service opportunity is incredible. Having worked all of the lovely members from the Hougang Care Centre in this service changes my ways of thinking, and my way of overcoming the challenges. We faced challenges, yet we all managed to get through them, reflect upon them, and make improvements according […]

  • Chinese Chat
  • LO3 – Chinese Chat Reflection 3

    In the pre-planning stage of Chinese Chat, I planned for the potential activities that I will facilitate with my mentee. A section of the planning document is shown here:   Organizing all the resources together with other members of the Chinese Chat, I developed my skills of the Learning Outcome 3 – Initiative. I planned […]

  • Art Council
  • LO2 – Art Council Reflection 4

    The planning of the Arts Showcase within the sessions of the Arts Council is also challenging. The most challenging part of the planning stage is to communicate effectively. We have divided into different teams which in charge of various aspects of the planning, for example, we have divided into teams of: poster making, coordination with […]