• Art Council
  • LO2 – Art Council Reflection 4

    The planning of the Arts Showcase within the sessions of the Arts Council is also challenging. The most challenging part of the planning stage is to communicate effectively. We have divided into different teams which in charge of various aspects of the planning, for example, we have divided into teams of: poster making, coordination with […]

  • Art Council
  • LO1 – Art Council Reflection 3

    The members of the Art Council is required to have a high level of awareness. For example, when planning the annual Arts Showcase, we have to acknowledge the upcoming trend in the high school and prepare the showcase accordingly, one example of this is the addition of film in this year’s exhibition. By acknowledging the […]

  • HS Grade 11 – Initiative for Peace (IFP)
  • LO4 – Initiative For Peace Reflection 2

    Initiative for peace offers an excellent opportunity for me to understand the issues worldwide, and we could plan activities to address those issues. By attending the movement, I noticed some issues that we don’t pay attention before. In attending this activity, I demonstrated Learning Outcome 4(commitment). The weekly sessions will start from 4:30 p.m. until 6:00 […]

  • Dance and Zumba with Hougang Care Centre
  • LO4 – Dance and Zumba with Hougang Care Centre Reflection 2

    Dancing is quite fun. Especially when every time we got to meet with our lovely participants and present our planned sessions to them. Their response is good, they always take part in the activity, and they loved chatting with us. We could tell that they enjoyed this. Participating in this service requires Learning Outcome 4(commitment). We […]

  • Art Council
  • LO4 – Art Council Reflection 2

    In the Art Council, we plan an annual arts showcase, which includes visual arts, dance, theatre, and film. This showcase demonstrates the wide variety of arts being celebrated in the school. I also demonstrated learning outcome 4(commitment) throughout the process of planning the Art Showcase. We need to take the initiative and communicate with different departments to get […]

  • CAS
  • Urban Dance Refelction 1

    This year, I joined one external Urban dance training lesson, it’s a weekly based 2-hour session that focuses on one song each session. I haven’t had any dancing experiences before joining the training lesson, therefore it is a relatively hard process for me to follow the choreographer than the others. I’m not a natural dancer, […]