Explain the stylistic features that indicate the author’s intentions (Audience, purpose, context etc).

In the advertisements, there is almost no visual information or description given about the actual #KOBESYSTEM shoes. The advertisements are also very focused on the people in the videos rather than the shoes themselves. This makes it seem as though the ads are not selling the shoes specifically but actually the entire brand. For example, by focusing on Kobe Bryant and the other famous celebrities who are in the advertisements, Nike allows for them to be giving people a positive view of their brand. When the audience of these advertisements go to the Nike store, they will most probably be unable to afford the ridiculously expensive shoe, however, this may make them say “I cant afford the #KOBESYSTEM shoe, but what other Nike shoes can I afford?”.

In the ads, it is also very apparent that Nike is trying to reach all the different cultures and races of people as much as they can. They do this by involving celebrities of different ethnicities and backgrounds who would appeal to different people. For example, some of the adverts included celebrities such as Aziz Ansari, Kevin Costner, Kanye West and Wang Lee Hom. This allowed for the adverts to appeal to a very wide range of people. However, one range of people that the adverts did not appeal to were women. Almost none of the advertisements showed Kobe Bryant giving advice to famous female celebrities. This may be due to the fact that statistically, men are more likely to spend a high amount of money on a pair of basketball shoes than a man. Though the men that these ads are appealing to may not even play basketball, they are still more likely to spend their money on the shoe than the average woman lets say.

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