Awareness of Strengths and Room for Growth in my Service (PPIS N2 Kids)

I believe a key strength I bring to my service is that I am a current theatre student was has taken part in IGCSE Drama and IBDP Theatre. Since my service’s main goals are tied in with using Theatre and the Creative Arts to carry out their goals, it will definitely benefit the service with what learning I can bring from my experience with the creative arts. However, promoting a sense of creativity in young adults and four year olds are two very different tasks with different barriers. I have experienced how a young adult is taught the beauty of Theatre, however I have never explored how that process is transformed to address a much younger audience. That is where I believe my growth as a student and soon-to-be adult will be most evident. It’s a whole different skill to promote a young child with creativity in the Arts, and even harder to channel it into performances or other mediums of showcasing. By the end of my IBDP career I do aim to be, to a certain extent, proficient in teaching young children to further develop and channel their endless amount of creativity.

Here is the link to the video where I discuss further on the second Learning Outcome : Challenge.

What does our Language say about us and our culture?

I believe the language we all individually use is representative of who we are talking to and for what purpose the conversation is for. For example, if I were in a rap festival in the United Kingdom, I would intentionally use certain words and slang that I know people who are familiar with rap culture will understand and reciprocate – this is called jargon. However this jargon is not used when I am at home or at school as I am addressing different people with a different motive. This shows that language and culture change depending upon the people we are talking to and why. It also changes over time, for example the generational barrier between consecutive and different generations.

The videos and articles I read for English made me realise how inappropriate and cringe it can be when someone says something culturally insensitive, especially when they have no place in saying what they said (Mitt Romney with his comment relating to ‘black’ culture).