EE Interim Reflection – Reflection #2

During my research, I found a number of sources with a range of personal anecdotes and experiences derived from several mask workshops with different leaders. Furthermore, I successfully conducted a face to face interview with an experienced actress (Alys Hill) with the theatre company ‘Zen Zen Zo’. One challenge I face now is that I have found it difficult to form a cohesive argument in correlation with my research. Therefore, I was writing too much about the context of the theatre traditions that I explored. My supervisor felt this was unnecessary, as it wasn’t helping to address my ‘RQ’. I’ve learnt that I should rather begin my paper by using the research I have gathered that relate to my ‘RQ’, instead of focusing on the context of theatre traditions. As a result, I’ve realised it’s important I expand the number of sources I use, as this would allow me to continually reference my research throughout the entirety of the paper.