Peter and the Starcatcher (Local Theatre Trip) – Reflection

I feel as thought Peter and the Starcatcher was a Brecht influences piece and took many elements from his teachings and applied them very well within their own production. Their use of narration was very prominent in many of their scenes and throughout their performance – and a lot of other Brechtian elements were used (naming a scene before it starts, songs in the middle of the performance, etc). However one Brecht element was used a lot more frequently and was a lot more emphasised than others, which was breaking the fourth wall and speaking from third person directly to the audience. This was used with almost every character in different moments throughout the piece.

One moment in the play where Molly was sneaking around the Neverland ship, it created an amazing atmosphere. Using the lights to highlight specific parts of the stage, and instead of having a moving set to show Molly moving around the ship, they had the other characters move around the set to show her moving around. The shuffling of the feet and with their heads down created an ambience where the sneaking around of Molly became even more intense – with serious consequences if she was caught.

IGCSE – Devised Piece Personal Reflection

In the start we really did not work to our best efforts and didn’t make sue of the time we had. Ms Parr even mentioned that it’s a quick turn around and that we should spend as much time in the beginning rather than cram everything in the end. As if we do, we wouldn’t be able to create the best piece possible as all our ideas will be generated out of stress and not with care. I really regret not working hard enough in the initial lessons, because I feel as though we would have performed a far better piece in the end if we did.

However I am proud of my group being able to work very hard in the end to create a much better piece compared to what we performed infront of the parents.