PSE Networking Event Reflection

During the event, I got into conversations with many teachers and student alike regarding different subject matters (prompts given to us by the PSE department). Lots of experienced teachers gave me personalised feedback on how to have a successful conversation that leads to a beneficial outcome. These are my biggest takeaways from that event :

1. Draw from a personal experience or connection you shared with that person. This is not always possible as you may not always know the person prior to your conversation. However, if you do, it is always beneficial to build from an experience you shared (school trips, service events, etc) – that may lead to your requests being taken more positively.

2. Make sure there is no dominant speaker in the conversation, it might send the wrong message or paint yourself in a different light. Be sure that each participant speaks a fair amount and listens a fair amount – this balance promotes a positive connection that can be formed between the participants of that conversation.

Economic Growth vs. Environmental Stability

President Donald Trump, ever since his first day in office, has made numerous amounts of decisions as he is entitled to do as President. One of such decisions was to cut the EPA government funding, causing it to become even lower, even though the EPA takes up minuscule amounts of the overall expenditure of the United States of America. While some may say this money can be put into other organisations, potentially creating jobs for the everyday middle class American – coincidentally these people happen to be very anthropocentric in their decision making. While creating jobs helps improve the economical state of the U.S, ecocentric minded people believe that cutting funding to the EPA causes the organisation to not be able to carry out their role within the country as efficiently as they intend to. Ecocentric people believe that without the EPA or even without proper funding, the environment will suffer dearly.

Who are the three people in your life who have done the most to help you become the person you are today?

Who are the three people in your life who have done the most to help you become the person you are today?

I think two of the three people that have influenced me the most are both my parents. Their values and beliefs have brushed onto me throughout my 15 years. Their frequent teachings of what is right and wrong has grown me as an individual to be the best person I can be at this point in my life. Through the guidance of Islam, my parents have almost hand crafted the boy I am today and will continue to do so until I reach a point in my life where independence from my parents is a necessary step to advance my life.

I know this is sort of breaching the limits of this question but I believe the third person to have impacted me the most would be this school, UWCSEA East. The school programme has and will have the longest lasting effect on my process of thinking and my cognitive ability to make right decisions wherever I go. It has shaped and almost brainwashed (in a very very good way don’t get me wrong) my thinking in a way that I am capable of making ethical decisions that benefit the community as a whole and not only a decision that personally benefits me. The school has taught me to not to put myself above before others, nor has it taught me to put people before myself. The programme has taught me to put everyone, in line with one another.