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What I value when working with others:  When working in a team, I really value focus. I need people to be focused and on task, helping our other teammates and myself complete the project or task.

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What I lose patience with when working with a partner:  When working in groups and partnerships, I lose patience when my partner/s don’t respect me and my ideas. Sometimes, it’s difficult for me to even share my ideas, and I need people to be respectful.

If my last collaborative learning experience had a soundtrack it would be:  On the first day of school, we made spaghetti towers in groups of four, and we had to be really focused and work together. We made quite a few mistakes, and we had to keep trying. Something that fits is maybe High School Musical.

The #1 thing you can do to support me best when we work together is:  Encouraging me to speak out and contribute my thoughts and ideas. 

When it comes to tech, what are you good and what do you need to work towards?  I’m quite good at using pages and prezi and platforms like that, but I’m not confident when it comes to making videos and editing clips.

What people sometimes misunderstand about me when we are teamed together is: I know that sometimes people feel I’m not accepting others’ ideas, when I’m trying to lead. I try to be a facilitator, but I’m aware sometimes I come across as bossy.

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