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Drama ATLs

Self Management

  • persevere with an optimistic approach when faced with a challenge
  • organise materials effectively
  • manage time and meet deadlines
  • reflect on strengths and areas for development
  • set and work towards goals

Under self management are the above points. I think in this area, I show clear signs of effort. For example, it’s only the second week and my group has already had troubles getting work done – and we had to stick with it and we are now working great together. I also make sure to do work we agree on out of class – and of course, in drama, deadlines are incredibly important – so I try to stay on track while creating and devising. However, I would like to work on the reflections and goals, because it’s not something I do naturally.


  • support and encourage others
  • take responsibility for tasks within groups
  • contribute to discussions digitally
  • contribute to discussions face to face
  • respond to the contributions when necessary
  • compromise when necesarry

For collaboration, I gave myself some/clear – because I am really good at some things, but I am not great at others. For example – I am good at working with different people, even those I don’t get on so well with. I can ignore that and work together for the good of the group.  However, in the past couple of years in drama, I’ve struggled with being called “bossy” – and I’ve been really trying this year not to overwhelm people. In the past, I panicked because that’s the sort of person I am. When everything isn’t perfect, I panic and I am aware that I am controlling sometimes. So the last couple of ensembles last year, I tried to be more relaxed and give my group some space to contribute, but it didn’t end up so well. When I tried not to overwhelm, I ended up panicking again, but without feeling like I could do anything about it – because my group complained that I was too controlling and bossy – so it just festered inside until the last rehearsal – when we had nothing done, and I felt so frustrated. It’s something I’m trying to do more this year – supporting others without putting them on the spot or trying to force contributions. I’m trying to find more of a balance with both myself and others.


  • choose body language, content, tone, and medium appropriate to audience and purpose
  • actively listen, read and watch
  • express ideas in written work
  • express ideas verbally
  • clearly structure communications

For communication, I gave myself strong indicators – because I feel like one of my strengths is communicating and expressing my ideas. I am quite good at explaining what I’m thinking and feelings – but it’s not something I do by habit. When I try to explain my thoughts, I’m rather good at it – however I don’t do it normally. It’s something quite peculiar about me – I share a lot about myself and my thoughts – but not my thinking. There’s a difference. It’s only quite recently that I’ve developed the confidence to talk about my ideas without the fear of being judged and shamed (that fear is still there, but I tell myself that if anybody judges me, then that says more about them than me). And I still can’t express my ideas in certain situations, around certain people, because I’m not used to it and I guess I’m also a little scared. I feel like Drama class is one of the few places where I can talk about all my ideas – so often, I think I say too much. That’s something I’m trying to work on.

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