1. Of all five of the design principles, which do you feel your work BEST serves and why? (1-2 sentences only)

I think that my header has really good contrast. I like the picture I chose; a black and white of the NYC skyline. This is personal to my client, but also a really aesthetic picture. The white font placed on the dark sky made it pop and stand out; and similarly, the adjectives in the box in the water also stood out – however I did need the box to make the three words stand out as well.

2. Link to the post your wrote responding to the Adam Grant TED talk.  Do you think you were a giver, matcher, or taker when working with others on this task? What makes you believe so? 

Well I was sick during the class with the feedback, interviews, and all that jazz, so I didn’t really have much of an opportunity to show my collaborative skills. But I did contact my client and ask her what sort of things she wanted – and I went into that conversation with an open mind, ready to hear what she had to say and with some ideas about what could make her happy. So even if I wasn’t a complete giver, I think I was definitely more of a matcher than a taker. Also, I got an extension for this task but I decided to try and make the deadline, so I could talk to Ms Friedman and (hopefully) get some feedback, because I am still a little hazy on the requirements.

3. Here is my Client Specification

4. . Of either of the resources you used, which would you likely use again and why? (2-4 sentences).

I think I would definitely use both Pixlr and BeFunky again. Pixlr has some really good options – it’s a bit more complicated, but when you get used to it, having layers and all the other features allowed a more sophisticated header to be made. However, BeFunky is easier to use, and I ended up going with my BeFunky header, because I found that for this task, simplicity was actually better. So I think it depends on the task.

Here is the link to my video about the headings: