Research helped me figure out how I can change little things that I don’t like about my logo. For example, if there is something not quite right about my logo, I can play with the hue of the colours or the font sizes. I wouldn’t have known what to fix otherwise.

It was difficult to come up with original ideas to do with the theme Peace by Piece, especially after I looked at some other TEDx logos. I kept looking for inspiration though, and making small tweaks until I got what I wanted. which I liked, and then borrowed little bits of the ones I liked for my own and made sure not to include parts which I didn’t like. I also need to go back to Pages, Canva, and Pixlr to help me really play with lots of ideas and to find what works best and what I like best. I think the most complicated thing I learnt to do was actually not super complicated: changing the colour of an icon on the noun project and on flaticon. This was really helpful because it allowed me to experiment with colour schemes and how different colours worked with each other. I started with red and white, but I think I am going to try a new set of colours maybe, a little farther from the traditional red, white, and black. Perhaps incorporating some blue.

I think my logo speaks about what TedX really is – trying to reach peace by sharing ideas. The dove was to represent the peace side, and the cage was about freedom and the ability to express yourself. But, it’s quite a stretch and I need to work on incorporating the peace-by-piece theme to the logo.