Four quotes:

“There must be more.”

“There needs to be a mountain to climb.”

“There was no starting point for peace.”

“It wasn’t the end result.”

How did my partner help?

My design partner helped me with my logo by suggesting that I try different fonts and images until I decided on one. She also helped me find some icons that matched the theme Peace by Piece.

Reflection on my choices:

Making this logo was quite a long process; I first looked at the client specification and looked at the three requirements: large X, the date, and the name of the conference. I included all these in my logo – as well as some of my own ideas. It was really difficult to include them all, but I was aware that I needed to in order to appease the client. I chose to have puzzle pieces to represent the client’s theme: Peace by Piece. I also had the dove to represent the peace side, and the mountain to show the journey it takes to get to peace.

What suggestions do you have for me? Do you like my logo? What do you think about the process that I took? Feel free to leave a comment and share your thoughts.