Recently we have been doing some physical, exploratory workshops to start off our new unit: displacement. In the first class, we learnt about motifs – which started off with a small movement, and then we built on them by using some of the following: reversing it, making it bigger/smaller, language, and others. At the end, we had a motif showing something about community. In my group’s motif, we had one person (me) sitting cross-legged on the floor, directing two others (Iona and Lucas) who stood, back to back, hands linked. I said “motif” and then the two in front of me did some hand movements and stumbled away from each other. I waved my hand and said “reverse” and then, it was reversed. We repeated this multiple times, varying it each time.


The second workshop, we worked on sequences, while using images and photos as inspiration. We would see an image, and then show a part of that photo with our bodies. This resulted in a final piece of a dream sequence. We only had 20 minutes to develop this piece, so it’s far from finished. See the video below:

Then, for the third workshop, we started off with something different: Ms Parr told us a story, and we acted it out as she spoke. This helped us connect with the displacement/refugee theme.

After that, we used something else as inspiration. A 360 video, which you can watch below: (in order to have it in this post, I needed to keep it normal)

(if you would like to watch it in 360, here:

The video shown above is what we watched before making a ritual – a small action, a bit similar to the motif, using the following five skills: repetition, language, entrance, exit, and a symbol. Using all these five skills in our ritual, we created small pieces which held a lot of meaning. I chose to use the immigration stamps. I was a refugee, arriving in a new country, who had to complete lots and lots of paperwork. I had a block and my ‘papers’ and I stamped them, in tern, including the repetition. This also incorporated some sound. It was quite dull, and monotonous – but unavoidable.

In the last class, we worked and developed a movement sequence – including motifs, rituals, language, repetition, pace.