So far this year, I have been involved in the GC Knit-A-Square. In this GC, we spend our time knitting or crocheting squares which we send to villages in South Africa, who then sew them together to make blankets. These blankets are given to children with aids, or children with no parents to care for them.

Blanket for Evelyn

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One thing that makes this GC so special is that we are very hands on – every session we are actively doing something which gives us a real sense of accomplishment.

I have been voted in the role of Communications, which means I am in charge of informing my peers about upcoming events, helping plan them, and I also use our GC’s email. I hope this role will be challenging for me, and push me to do things I haven’t thought to do before.

Points in the Right Direction

Tomorrow is World-Aids-Day (Fri 1 Dec) and Knit A Square is running a stall with baked goods (square shaped, of course) and we will have a “knitting zone” where people can come and learn how to knit.

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