This year in PSE, we’ve completed two units: 1. Organization and Adjusting to High School, and 2. Communication and Relationships. In unit one, we talked a lot about how we can organize ourselves; thinking about tools such as: cgroup of spiral notebook plannersalendars, OLP, agendas, and things like that. We also talked a bit about how we can strategically use our time in order to get things done efficiently.

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During this unit, I was PM (project manager) alongside Nina, and we worked together to organize and plan activities for the class.

One idea I had was to learn a bit more about each other, so I thought it may be fun and educational to write down three facts nobody knows about us, make it into a paper airplane, and then throw them Paper Plane around the room. Next, everyone would pick up an airplane and read out the three things listed. Then, we would all try and guess who wrote that airplane. This was a very fun and team building exercise. (Creative Commons License Garry Knight via Compfight )

We also organized some Ted talks which were related to the topic of organization:

This video was very helpful in seeing the mistakes we were making, and being able to prevent them in the future.

We are currently half-way through unit two, and lately we have been watching videos and talking about how we communicate – a bit about extroverts and introverts, but also about how we view ourselves and how that can impact the way we speak and act. The following Ted talk is one we watched just yesterday:

In the coming months and after Christmas break, we will continue with this unit, moving forward to learn about Relationships as well.