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Danny Raven Tan – His Story

Danny Raven Tan is an artist; who has lived through so much. He has survived finding his way as an artist in Singapore, Pancreatic cancer,  his father’s passing, and his mother diagnosed with dementia. His story shows us how we define ourselves, but also how we choose to live.

I actually disagreed with a lot of what Danny was saying – for example; he said a “plan B is nonsense” because you should always follow your dreams. Of course, I agree with this, but having a plan B can be logical and smart in some cases (like applying to university). Danny also said that during his chemotherapy, he often felt depressed. When asked how he brought himself out of it (he was never diagnosed) he said that he chose to be happy. I also think this isn’t very likely, as mental illness is just that – an illness – and you can’t choose to have it or not.

However, Danny taught us about how our journey defines us.

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