Our first common assessment task was about gender identity, representation, and brand values which reflected societal values in an advert from 1934. I think I focused too much on the specifics of the advert itself rather than actually focusing on the advert’s intentions – dig deeper into selling the product. What does it tell us about what society was like? I did answer the question about stylistic features used and also the second about hidden values and attitudes the advert revealed, but not fully and not evaluating the rest of the advert. Essentially, I did the requirements but in a very narrow scope of analysis. Next time I hope I can at least explore the larger context of the advert. I also need to avoid making generalisations – it is especially easy to do so when I don’t know so much about the time period or context of the advert. Therefore I will make inferences specific to the text. finally, I need to work really closely with the text. Analyse everything – but also explain it and unpack what it means. This is something we had to practice in iGCSE but I have fallen a bit out of touch with it.