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Marriage Market Takeover: Oral Reflection

Here is the link to my practice oral

1. Timing

Regarding timing, I think I was pretty good. I managed to stay within the time so I think that was good.

2. Structure and progression (into; conclusion)

I worked on trying to give a brief introduction with an overview, but I am not sure if I did a good conclusion. It largely felt like a summary but with a bit more context thrown in. Regarding the body of the oral, I did jump about from topic to topic so I think I could work on that.

3. Did you discuss context? Relation to the wider global issue or focus of your exploration?

I tried to talk about context; I briefly touched on the obvious context – mentioning the contemporary period, the physical location, and cultural or social context. That was actually a large part of my thesis. I was focusing on the dichotomy between culture or expectations and personal values.

4. Ideas and technical aspects: did you get a balance between discussing the two?

I think I can work on this a bit more. I think I was able to combine the concepts with the composition, but I am not sure if its enough balance. I tried to do just enough composition to support the concepts, but I ultimately think it wasn’t enough.

5. What will you ‘feedforward’ to your next practice?

I will make sure to build on previous ideas; begin with the basic idea and then build off it to help develop and explore the text more deeply. I will also make sure to include enough composition and straight analysis so I can actually delve into the concepts and global ideas more thoroughly.

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