In Procter & Gamble’s advert The Talk, the theme of bias is established and evokes a response from the audience. The very fact that the talk itself isn’t even mentioned; it focuses heavily on what is not said, leaving the audience there to fill in the blanks. This is similar in the shot below, as there is a lot of blank space and the only thing we can really see is the facial expressions in the mirror. It draws attention to the emotion while still being distant and not revealing the whole story or in the shot; the whole picture. The fact that we immediately know what the context is makes the advert even more powerful.  It also evokes emotion through camera angles and shot composition; the camera is often at the children’s eye level facing straight on or up at their parents. This can emphasise the naivety and the fact that this talk needs to happen at such a young age. There are echoes with this in the screenshot below. The camera is at the little girl’s eye level and is focused on them from behind. Furthermore, the shot was taken from behind the door, peeking in. This gives the sense of intrusion and perhaps could imply that the conversation is very private and personal – almost taboo. This is reinforced at the end of the advert with the language “Let’s talk about the talk, so we can stop the need to have it”.