Due to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, we made the shift to remote learning in early April. As such, it has been challenging to continue with some of my activities. It has been  difficult to persevere and remain committed (learning outcome #4) when we can’t meet. However, I have continued with my service SGM Murni. Since our work is mostly hands-on, teaching the children gymnastics skills, we have taken this opportunity to work on our website and turn it into a useful resource for us to document our activities but also for future groups. We have information about the service and its missions, some teaching tips for different gymnastics apparatus, and some exemplar session plans. I recently wrote up a post with some background information on SGM Murni as an organisation and some of the wider issues in Singapore that it focuses on (learning outcome #6) – or at least, that are impacted by organisations such as Murni daycare centre. Despite this, coordinating service meetings has been slightly problematic as not everyone is so committed; and it is a lot easier to just watch TV until the next class. But personally, it has been an excellent opportunity to develop my awareness and understanding of the big picture in our service – because it is more than just teaching some kids how to do forward rolls.

With regards to Volleyball as my activity and Marimbas as my creativity, I have been taking this time away from school to reflect on areas for personal growth (learning outcome #1). I have been watching some videos of previous marimba performances and consolidating my knowledge of them – but aside from that, it is hard to know what to do because it is about participation and engagement with the music. Equally, with volleyball. I don’t have a volleyball at home, so practising solo is not doable. Instead, I have just been focusing on my individual physical and mental wellbeing (which is also a part of Volleyball).