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My High School Story

Guerrilla Girls: A Brief Summary

Aims and Objectives

  • Undermine mainstream narrative, provide (or expose?) alternative ‘understory’
  • Subvert dominant discourse?
  • Educate and spread awareness about the lack of representation in the art world

Subjects and Themes

  • Lack of diversity in the art industry
  • Institutionalist and systematic bias or discrimination
  • Intersectional feminism (Protest & Feminist Art)

Compositional Features

  • Elements of Pop Art – bold lettering, use of colour is intentional and puts emphasis on certain phrases/ideas
  • Humour, irony, satire, and sardonicism
  • hyperbole, exaggeration
  • Synthetic personalisation; speaking directly to the public, often being interactive and calling the audience to engage with the art as well
  • Use of facts and statistics
  • Font
  • Rhetoric and rhetorical questions (hypophora
  • Colour and contrast
  • Textual references or allusions – ie Grand Odalisque
  • Tone – provocative, confrontational
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