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My High School Story

Saint Hoax

Making America Misogynistic Again

Issues and Ideas:

  • pop art with political messages: ‘poplitical art’
  • taking sexist adverts from the 1950s and reinventing them with Donald Trump’s misogynistic catchphrases to show how they are anachronistic and outdated
  • critiquing Trump’s idea of ‘masculinity’ and ‘femininity’
  • subversive – transformative of old ideas to give contemporary relevance
  • recontextualising underlying presumptions/ideas that we have
  • counter-hegemonic discourse – accountability for Trump (Michelle’s what the President says does matter)

Compositional Features:

  • mixed media; has used film, adverts, oil on canvas etc.
  • humour and satire – comic portrayals
  • picking up on marked language? (more specific to Trump, perhaps, not Saint Hoax)
  • heteroglossia: the voice of the advert & what the visual says, Trump’s (rather recognisable) vernacular in the headlines, and how both of them work together to make Saint Hoax’s voice (critiquing by comparison perhaps?)
  • outmoded visuals work congruently with Trump’s headlines

Possible Links

  • Duffy’s The World’s Wife: constructs of gender – both masculine and feminine. About providing alternative voices/narratives, even though Hoax is more about critiquing the current trajectory, they still take older, traditional adverts and transform them to add contemporary relevance. Arguably, Duffy does something similar, taking well-known tales from a different angle with a focus on gender.
  • The Great Gatsby: most obvious links are with American culture and society – perhaps Saint Hoax’ use of adverts could align with materialism and obsession with wealth in Gatsby? Or both critique constructs of the ‘ideal man’, albeit in different ways. (a lot more to think about here for possible IO…)
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