A challenge I have tackled successfully in grade 11 is managing my time and school work. In quarantine, I have needed a few extensions but for the period of being in school, I managed my work really well and never felt too swamped. I have also got good plans for the summer to get ahead on work for grade twelve – IAs, EA, EE, IO etc. I like work, and so there wasn’t one method that I used that helped with this. I just got on with stuff and tried not to leave it last minute – even though sometimes that was challenging during the circuit breaker.

I wouldn’t say that any one topic we covered in PSE this year was particularly groundbreaking, as I kind of knew everything that we discussed already – especially about consent, bystanders and privilege. The most useful thing, however, was just having a nice space to chat about things; even though we didn’t have the time to go into much depth in the discussions.

Some challenges I foresee in grade twelve is just continuing with my planning and scheduling of work – but managing this with the greater workload. Applying to university will take up a lot of my mental space as well, I imagine. I also think that personal things might come up – and to manage these, I will continue with volleyball and exercise, make sure to prioritise sleep, and set out times each day to do some self-care: meditation, reading, yoga etc.

In this way, with these methods, I will consciously make grade 12 fulfilling and successful. I will put effort into my relationships, my work, and myself. I look forward to a great year.