Are you pleased with how this year has gone?

I am pleased with my year. I feel like I have learnt a lot and I definitely feel a lot more capable in my level of mathematics.

What are you most proud of this year? Why?

I would say I am most proud of my progress

What is your strength in Maths?

This may sound cliched, but I think my strength is in my willingness to put in the hard work – outside of class, pushing myself etc. I am not afraid to ask questions and I do so frequently. Because of this, I have a good understanding of the topics we’ve covered.

What strategies have worked well for you this year to help you learn to the best of your ability?

I don’t know if this counts as a strategy, but being willing to practice more at home – and reviewing each unit – not just the most recent ones. It makes things easier when revising, and it also helps

What strategy perhaps hasn’t worked as well?


What have you most improved in? This could be either a topic or a skill.

I reckon I’ve improved most in my critical thinking. Obviously, I can do a lot more maths than I could at the start of the year, and this has helped me feel more confident. When I look at a problem, I’m better at thinking through how to solve it.

What were you most disappointed/frustrated by this year and how are you going to improve this next year?

Sometimes I felt quite frustrated that I needed to ask more questions than other people – they all managed to just get on and do the exemplar questions while I had to sit and try and wrap my head around it. Then, by the time I was ready to work through the examples, everyone else would be done and I wouldn’t have a chance to try it myself. It felt like I was always trying to catch up in class – and I had to take a lot of photos of questions that I couldn’t finish so I could do them at home. I had to do a lot of extra work. I think I’m going to just try and stop comparing myself to others next year.

What piece of advice would you give yourself next year?