An analysis of the role that government media and communication plays in shaping attitudes in response to global public health.

I have chosen to do my engagement activity investigating the coverage of COVID-19 news, the influence of the media in shaping public attitudes, and social media as a medium for government communication. I will look at this through the legitimacy of the Singaporean government response, the power of the media and the political implications of globalisation as my key concepts. This also connects to the global political challenge Health.

This political issue is obviously incredibly relevant, and I chose it in part because of the wider implications it lends itself to. Equally, there is an abundance of research and possible engagements for me, especially as health concerns are prevalent in global consciousness at the moment.
I also chose to do my engagement activity on this issue because Singapore is such an interesting case – the exception to the global situation in many ways. I think there is an interesting link to explore between democracy and the outbreak,