I have just completed my second engagement – an interview with Parag Khanna, a ‘leading global strategy advisor, world traveller, and best-selling author.’ The audio is attached here.

This interview was rather different to my first one with Georgia, and Parag held a different understanding of the sociopolitical ecosystem in Singapore. His answers were nuanced and insightful – and he had an emphasis on the multi causality of the current situation in regards to media and COVID-19. He saw three main intersections of the two: the transparent communication between government and public, the contact tracing app, and the situation with the foreign migrant workers. All three of these demonstrated an important point about government legitimacy, globalisation, and power – and subsequently, about the political climate in Singapore.

Parag also questioned some of the mainstream narratives about censorship and ‘oppression’ as it is seen by certain demographics inside and out of Singapore – leading us to some more fundamental questions about democracy vs democratic culture and even the foundations of liberalism. Ultimately, as someone who is very experienced, the interview was invaluable and will prove useful when I write my report.