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CAS Project Week Reflection

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, we were unable to go on Project Week this year. We had planned to go to…

CAS; Service LO6

CAS; Service LO3

CAS; Service LO7

Service Reflection, LO7

CAS; Service LO4

CAS; Remote Learning LO1 LO4 LO6

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, we made the shift to remote learning in early April. As such, it has…

CAS; Creativity LO1

CAS; Creativity LO7

CAS; Creativity LO4

So recently in marimbas, we have been learning a particularly challenging piece – which is obviously related to LO1 and…

CAS; Activity LO2 LO5

So for my second round of CAS reflections, I wanted to reflect on my volleyball experiences as not just part…

CAS; Service LO3

For this Murni reflection, I wanted to talk less about myself and my difficulties or challenges and more about the…

CAS; Creativity LO5

CAS; Initial Interview

CAS; Activity LO1 LO5

CAS; Service LO2 LO6

CAS; Activity LO4 LO5

CAS; Creativity LO2  

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