EE Viva Voce (RC3)

Throughout my research and writing process, I realised the importance of gathering firsthand information for my topic instead of purely relying on the internet.  If I were to undertake this essay again, I would begin by going out and experiencing Singapore’s architecture with my own eyes before ‘seeing’ them through somebody else’s writing.  I fully enjoyed writing this essay, I sometimes felt that my research question was too broad and the research available too specific, which left me having to fill the gaps and draw connections by myself through my own research and analysis of the architecture.  However, had I started with firsthand research, my topic would have been too narrow, as there is so much to say about any one specific architectural project and I would have missed the forest for the trees.  Researching through second-hand documentation has helped me to stay focused on identifying the key elements of the architecture I was seeing during my firsthand research.  At the end of this process, I was not expecting to learn that government policies had so much influence on how architectural design reflects Singapore’s culture.

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