Establishing New Foundations for my GC

This is a photo of our ‘ Pakistan’ Global Concern, the chair on the left, and myself, the vice chair on the right, manning our stall at the UWCSEA East’s annual family festival in April 2017.

Our school has a long history of working with NGO’s around the world, and the Empowering Pakistan GC started in 2013, supporting an NGO focused on children’s education in Lahore, with an NGO called the Bali Memorial Trust. However, by late 2015, effective communication with the NGO has ceased, and the Pakistan group found itself struggling to stay afloat as a functioning Global Concern. When I came on to the scene in High School, Grade 10, I found myself on a sinking ship.

However all was not lost, and I felt a certain extra level of commitment and desire to see this GC though, because I myself am a proud Pakistani, and I felt a duty to this GC. The first step I took was getting some more people to meet the membership requirements, I talked to friends and associates around the school and convinced them enough of our mission to make them join our GC. The next thing we as chairs had to figure out is our next NGO to support, which itself is a big challenge as there is a rigorous vetting procedure when finding new NGO’s to support. We chose the Karachi based NGO, quite a big and well known one,

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