Basketball: First Year in Men’s League 1

2017, the latter part of the year, and in the early months, I was called upon to represent East in the annual FastBreak Men’s League team for the season. Games are hosted every week, on Wednesday nights. Last year I used to be on those sidelines long after school ended, watching the league go on, watching the Giants play on our courts, and butt heads with our own school team. This season was different because I have been on that court the last month now, getting familiar with the competition, and honestly feeling at home on the court. I look forward to these Wednesday nights, to the battle with fully grown men sometimes bigger than myself. It seemed quite intimidating at first (LO2), but once I got on the court, got bodied, moved around and moved my weight around, I daresay I quite enjoyed the competition. It was not easy, it is tough, even though I measure to be quite tall for my age, going up against men is different. It’s more physical, but lucky for me, I learned a lot playing these physical games. It’s an adjustment to the normal playing style when you come to Men’s league, you play for your teammates. It’s basketball at a higher level, and I have learned that one must go into it with a tough, fighter mentality, and you can find success.(LO2) I had a few tough nights, but I have had a few good ones as well. I was nominated for man of the match for one of the games, where I tried my best to work with my role, getting rebounds for my teammates over the bigger guys. I learned a valuable lesson, that when you are the tallest out there, you gotta act like you’re the biggest and strongest. Mentality wins games, I’ve understood that a lot better now. They’ll be men bigger, stronger, taller than you, but you can always match them in your attitude, in your mental toughness, and in your hustle. Those 3 things are my goals this season, to come to every game with that ready.


Another one of the perks of men’s league, is you get to go up against your own teachers! We have played Mr. Cowan twice already, as well as Mr. Bush (my PE teacher from middle school) and Mr. Lyman (my mentor and math teacher in middle school), And going up against them, body to body, your own teacher’s team is quite fun in its own sense. 

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